Everyone knows that a golfer needs a golf ball and a golf club to play golf. However, not everyone is aware of all the things that should be considered in choosing the right ball and club for a game. There are actually a lot of things to consider for golf equipment but most players only find these out after a game. Here are some basic things that could help in finding golf equipment.

Golf balls
  • Purpose

Golf BallsWhen first starting to play golf, one does not need to buy golf balls of high quality. Though it may be a psychological boost to play using professional balls, this would not really affect a beginner’s performance in a game. What would most likely happen is that a player would keep losing his golf balls while he plays so it would be better to start learning the game using the standard golf balls.

For the beginner, the best golf balls to buy are the practice balls that are also known as range balls. This kind of golf equipment is made as cheaply as possible while still maintaining the level of quality required to pass the test of approval for golf balls.

There are also balls, called recreational balls, made for the regular golf player. These are also called standard balls. They have low compression and are able to reduce the side spins when hit; these features make it best for golf players with low swing speeds. These are also relatively affordable.

For the professional players, the best balls to be used would be the advanced balls. They prompt a greater amount of spin from lofted shots and work best when hit with great swing speed.

  • Player’s ability and level of desired flight and landing behaviors

There are three things to consider in looking for golf balls: compression, spin, and the dimple pattern. Compression is based on how hard the core layers are. A high compression ball will be propelled farther but will give the player a feeling of shock in the arms, dubbed as the hard feel. A low compression ball covers a shorter distance but does not give a shocked feeling in the arms.

Compression also affects the spin of the ball. A high spin ball prompts more backspin when hit, which could increase the travel distance of the ball. The opposite is true for low spin balls.

Golf club

These are perhaps one of the most expensive pieces of golf equipment that a golf player would buy during his career as a golf player. The golf club to be used depends on what kind of play the golfer aims to do. Golf clubs vary depending on the shape and style modified for different playing fields. There is actually no average golf club as clubs are fitted to match the person’s height and weight.

For those who enjoy watching the ball fly and cover the longest distance possible, the best type of golf club would be the Woods. Woods are built to utilize the maximum distance and speed of a golf ball, and are the most powerful and the longest of all types of clubs.

For golf players who like more control over their hit, irons would be the best choice. Irons enable a golfer to restrict the direction, spin, and travel distance of a ball. These are actually designed to let the player have more variety in his strikes. These are best used when the player is in the rough.

To have the long distance drive of the woods and the higher launch of the irons, golf players use a mix of the two clubs called a hybrid. Hybrids allow players to propel the ball at longer distance with a relatively slower swing speed.