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Bye-Bye Boring Lanyards!

Boring LanyardsLanyards are everywhere. Lanyards can be seen hanging around necks as colorful ID lanyards. There are also lanyards for cellphones, keys, small digital cameras, and eyeglasses. Extreme uses for lanyards include that of safety gear either for hanging tools or preventing falls from high places.

Just stating things about lanyards like that makes lanyards appear boring. Of course, that is aside from the fact that lanyards are super-useful which makes these important. Lanyards saved people from a lot of distress because of lost IDs, keys, and glasses. Rarely do people forget things when these are just hanging around their necks or close to their bodies.

Lanyards can become a valuable part of belonging in an organization. “Boring” is one strong word to describe old lanyards and that word should not be used to describe an organization. With available materials and the printing technology available today, dull-looking ID lanyards are now things of the past. So, good-bye, boring lanyards! Groups do not have to look boring anymore. Bearing the company color and logo, the ID lanyard can inspire a member or employee to feel like a part of something great.

With modern, colorful lanyards in wide use around the world, the even more boring piece of string or yarn was pushed into obsolescence as lanyard material. Of course, people can still go for an exciting set of bling or chains to hold an ID badge around the neck. But it is doubtful that chains can measure up to the practical and lightweight ID lanyards of today. Lanyards may not be as shiny as gold chains, but they will not give the wearer a stiff neck afterwards.

So, how can an ordinary group of individuals transform the traditional lanyard?

Organizations and businesses can approach wholesale lanyards suppliers. With today’s technology, these suppliers can sell a lot of lanyards for a good price. Along with the good price, the supplier can provide extras, like printing and other attachments. With the different kinds of fabric available, the supplier can even improve the quality of the printing process used on the lanyards.

Typical materials today include nylon, polyester, woven polyester, tubular lanyards, and dye sublimated kinds. All of these materials can last long depending on use. Each material has a unique advantage over the other. The suppliers can only provide one color for the material. Even if that is the case, the supplier can still give options for putting a logo or text on. The option changes depending on the kind of material used for ID lanyards. Suppliers can also use Pantone-matching to ensure customers get the correct color on lanyards every time.

Just to cite some material advantages, the dye sublimated lanyard can have the printing go deep into the polyester fabric. The advantage there is that the color stays fast longer than what the usual printing process can provide.

In the case of nylon lanyards, suppliers can make the text and logos appear like these were silkscreened. Having that style of printing makes the logos to have more detail.

In the case of woven lanyards, the difference lies in the finish. Groups may want to have an elegant look to go with the text on the ID lanyards. The woven material can give that.

Tubular material looks like an old tubular shoe string. That can also be a plus for a group that wants that kind of classic appeal. Polyester, of course, is durable and provides good value to the group. It can appeal to both the eyes and cash budget.

For the groups wanting to jazz up the lanyard, there are actually choices for attachments. Groups can choose between the free offerings and paid-for premium kinds of attachments. know more about different types of lanyard visit wholesalelanyards

Designs and Styles of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coin are considered to be prized possessions by its owners. Designed to be unique for each organization, every achievement, or occasion, they are without a doubt deserving of nothing short of perfection in its style, design, make, and material.

Today, there are a lot of companies who claim to make the very best challenge coins. However, only a few of these companies can deliver on what their customer wants. Designing for challenge coins needs highly skilled artists to conceptualize a design and minting it according to the client’s tastes. Being able to deliver on the customer’s demands is a very precise art.

The style that is imprinted on the challenge coinsis what gives it the“antique value” that makes it very valuable. It is the style and design of the coin the ultimately decides its very value. They can be made with brass for a durable and appealing finish. They can also be made with gold or enamel to make an elegant piece. But at the end of the day, it is up to the customer how they want their custom challenge coin to look like. With various design options at their disposal, the only thing that can limit them is their budget. Style and design potential is limitless, given the wild imagination of artists.
Custom Challenge CoinsCustomers can also tweak the coin’s edges and rims. There are two sides to a coin. The “heads” face or “obverse” and the “tails” face or “reverse”. The space between the two is called the “edge” and the elevated portion is called the “rim”. There can be a lot of work done to these parts that can only make your custom challenge coin even more unique.

If you want to make your own batch of custom challenge coin.

Here are some style and design notes that you may want to keep in mind :

1. Metal

This particular style of custom challenge coin look very appealing with its fine metallic sheen and bold look. Some material options for this style includes: polished brass, polished gold metal, polished silver, polished copper and black nickel. Sometimes a company would also offer more finishing options such as antique silver, copper, or gold.

2. Diamond cut edges

The coin can be customized to have cross-cut, wave-cut, black nickel, and oblique-cut edges, beautifully styling your custom challenge coin.

3. 3D design

This gives your custom challenge coin the depth for its design which makes it a very unique and memorable present or token to give to anyone.

4. Numbered coins (sequential)

This is another interesting option in designing your custom challenge coin. With this design you can have serial numbers on your coin so that the owners of the coin fall under a number sequence for receiving it, making it unique to the owner and allowing you to be able to identify which coin belongs to which owner.

5. Engraved text

This is and will forever be a classic. Having text engraved on your challenge coins leaves a majestic impression on the coin, along with the name of the organization or the recipient, or even a message engraved on the face of the challenge coin.
When designing the emblem that you want to engrave on your personalized challenge coins.

Here are some ideas that you may want to remember :

1. Try drawing multiple designs on paper first before sending the final design to the minting company

2.  Deciding on what metal/material you want to use for your challenge coins. See above.

3.  Conceptualize the artwork. How would it look like? What would be the theme? What colors are you going to have on your coins?

4. Choose a proper and suitable edge for your design.

5. Choosing what enamel finish would bring out the best in your coins.

6. You can also draw up plans for a beautiful coin case or display as an additional option to make it more presentable.